Alliances which 1 + 1 must equal more than 2 - otherwise it makes no sense

An article in the Economist (2016) claims that the larger USA companies derive 40% of their revenue from alliances.

No doubt, under the appropriate conditions, the same can be true in the case of Health Tourism.

It is with this in mind that healthCare cybernetics (hCc) has been proposing, encouraging and introducing Alliance Formation initiatives amongst putatively “Competing Health Tourism Destinations” - and individual providers.

Addressing the Concerns and Reservations of Prospective Allies

...the issue of fairness and “proportionality”

The obvious concerns and reservations of prospective allies revolve around the issue of “equity” (in this case, meaning fairness and “proportionality”).

To reconcile and allay the concerns and reservations, one can point to the example of the airlines’ Star Alliance scheme, where, conceivably, one airline may benefit more than others – but they all benefit.

The Concept and Practice of “destination level” Alliances

...a.k.a “cross-border” business collaboration

The subject of Health Tourism Alliances, at destination-level, was seriously addressed, for the first time, at the 2015 International Health Tourism Convention (Athens, Greece, 11 – 14 March 2015).

The chosen speaker on the subject was Andreas Acavalos, Management Consultant, formerly, Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultancy Practice, Greece.

This was because he had extensive experience in negotiating cross-border corporate mergers and strategic alliances - and destination-level alliances are, in essence, about “cross-border” business collaboration.