About Culinary Tourism

..Definition, Scope and some Disambiguation

Culinary Tourism must always be considered in the context of Health.


“Experiencing local cooking and cuisine – which in addition to being ‘tasty’, is also nutritionally balanced – and which includes some travel”.


The scope of Culinary Tourism, in the context of health, can cover the entire spectrum of “local cuisine” provided the aim is to combine the scientific principles of “balanced nutrition” together with “tastiness”.

Culinary Tourism, in the context of Health, includes Molecular Culinary Science (which brings the Molecular Food Scientist together with the “Chef”).

Some Disambiguation

Culinary Tourism (in the context of Health) constitutes one more very good approach to health management.

In the context of Health, Gastronomy Tourism and Culinary Tourism are not synonymous.

Unlike the rather self-indulgent “gastronomy tourism” concept (travel to eat) culinary tourism takes a more eclectic and refined approach.

Culinary Tourism addresses the more health conscious and discerning traveler.

The Culinary Tourist wants to experience new tasty cuisine – but one based on food which is both filling and “optimally nutritious”.

And ideally the “ingredients” should be locally sourced.

Why has Culinary Tourism been designated as one of the Health Tourism Segments? As already stated, it is because it is one more very good approach to health management.