...brought to you by fresh faces – with fresh insight, money and vision

By the way, one of the first times the term “Internet Century” appeared in print seems to have been in the book “How Google Works” by Googlers Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg.

Conventional Medical Tourism – which, for the most part, relied on those seeking medical care at a lower cost – has had its day, and trying to re-boost it is as futile as flogging a dead horse.

Furthermore, stop hoping that the same players who brought you the Medical Tourism “boom” will now bring about the growth and expansion of Contemporary Health Tourism (a.k.a. Internet Century Health Tourism).

Expect to see fresh faces – with fresh insight, money and vision – who understand that Health Tourism should be a lifestyle choice – rather than an activity dictated by circumstances.

And bet on the mass affluent - and the youngerly and the "less so".

Think of the Youngerly and the “less so”

Contemporary Health Tourism addresses the interests and needs of the complete Age Spectrum (from the youngerly to the “less so” – formerly known as the elderly).

For the former it is more about “experiences” – and less about “things”.

For the latter – what about Assisted Residential Tourism (retirement housing and care abroad)?

Health Tourism during the Internet Century

Contemporary Health Tourism coincides with the Internet Century – in other words, today.

And what should we expect to see?

What about (in random order):

  • Health Tourism as a lifestyle choice (thanks to ht8)

  • Health Credits and Miles (the Health Tourism Sector “Customer Retention and Loyalty” Scheme - emulating the Star Alliance scheme for competing airlines)

  • HealthGeld (the corresponding “Bitcoin” for the Health Tourism Sector – likewise based on Blockchain Technology)

  • uHTas - the Universal – 3word - Health Tourism Addressing System

  • Journey to Healthistan (the "real life situation" game, since “all work and no play” makes Jack a dull boy)

  • Health Tourism ExpoOnline (the permanent OnLine Exhibition of Exhibitions)

  • Health Tourism Style Magazine (“VOGUE” for the International Health Consumer)

  • “youngerly” the agenda – and campaign - for introducing and promoting Contemporary Health Tourism to the Millennial Generation – as a lifestyle choice

  • Health Tourism think and do tanks (populated by Wise Heads and Protégés – as catalysts for the way forward)

  • Health Tourism Lux (the Health Tourism Class which addresses the Mass Affluent Market - the “sweet spot” between “mass” and “affluent”)

  • Boutique Health Tourism (to ensure that even small scale Stakeholders - Providers and Destinations - can participate and benefit)

  • “Integrated” and “Urban” Health Resorts

  • Assisted Residential Tourism (retirement housing and care abroad)

  • Health Tourism Cruise

  • Health Tourism Free Zones

  • The Health Tourism Satellite Account (the Sector-specific, Universal Accounting System to ensure that we now get “real numbers” - regarding Health Tourism and each of the Segments – and can determine the Economic Impact of the Sector)

  • Alliances amongst putative competitors

  • Creation of Blue Oceans (to make competition Irrelevant)

  • Introduction and Adoption of Innovations (Permissionless and Combinational)

  • The systemic approach to Health Tourism Destination Creation (Health Tourism Pentad)

  • Destination Management Organizations

  • “West’s Revenge” (countries previously regarded as “Sources of Medical Tourists” becoming Medical Tourism Destinations, themselves)

  • Emerging Health Tourism Destinations (“no destination left behind”)

  • A “Commonwealth” of Health Tourism Destinations - of common values and shared resources

  • Investment (for creation, further development and enhancement)

  • Enthusiastic Sponsorship (by a new breed of far-sighted Sponsors) of Events, Concerted Action Initiatives – and even Destinations

Brought to you by the Catalysts and Enablers

...i.e., the Agents of Change

Who is bringing us these wonderful things?

Obviously the agents of change.

On the one hand you have the Catalysts (the think and do tanks – with their wise heads and protégés) and on the other you have the Enablers (the decision-makers, the purse-string-holders and the enlightened regulators / legislators).

We refer to these as the Health Tourism Vital Few.

Read the Policy and Strategy Paper on Internet Century Health Tourism: http://www.healthtourismpolicyandstrategy.com/Policy-and-Strategy-Executive-Briefs/Internet-Century-Health-Tourism.pdf