To ensure Sustainability, Resilience and Prosperity

Health Tourism, as a Sector, started out as unstructured and fragmented.

healthCare cybernetics - hCc - took the initiative of addressing and helping to resolve both "shortcomings".

The former shortcoming was dealt with by the introduction of ht8 and the latter by including the process of Integration as part of the Destination Creation process.

hCc also realized that the Health Tourism Sector would be ever-evolving.

To help ensure that evolution would result in sustainability, resilience and prosperity, for all its stakeholders, hCc championed the concept of Planned Evolution - as one edict for the Way Forward.

Some of the other edicts:

  • The 8 Segment approach to Health Tourism Sector configuration (a.k.a. ht8 and The Amman Declaration)

  • The systemic approach (Health Tourism Pentad) to creating Contemporary Health Tourism Destinations (which are efficient and competitive)

  • Health Tourism Destinations which are administered by a Destination Management Organization, form alliances and report real numbers

  • Creating Blue Oceans (which render competition irrelevant) as opposed to Head-On Competition

  • Health Tourism Destinations which are part of the Health Tourism Commonwealth (of common values and shared resources)