healthCare cybernetics has set the ball rolling

When it comes to increasing the demand for Health Tourism, healthCare cybernetics (hCc) has already set the ball rolling by:

  • Configuring the Health Tourism Sector in terms of 8 Segments (ht8) - which expands the Industry so that it can address a broader Market

  • Making Health Tourism an attractive lifestyle choice - for all - and all ages

  • Making every traveler / tourist a potential Health Tourist

  • Enabling every Tourism Destination to also become a Health Tourism Destination

  • Helping to cultivate the Market - by initiatives such as "Health Tourism Style"

On Increasing Demand - by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy)

  • Want to create new demand? Focus on noncustomers (to create new demand, an organization needs to turn its focus on noncustomers - and why they refuse to patronize an industry)

  • The demand is out there, but how do you tap into it? (extra demand is out there, largely untapped - the crux of the problem is how to create it)

  • It would drive many companies crazy to know just how many unexplored customers are out there