Constantine Constantinides, M.D., Ph.D.

(Chief Executive, healthCare cybernetics)

Mobile: +30 6945 8576 42


healthCare cybernetics (UK) Limited

Registered Office Address:

339, Two Mile Hill Rd


Avon BS15 1AN

United Kingdom

Company Number 8112018









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►  The Company Divisions

        ►  eHealth Enterprise

        ►  Health Tourism Enterprise

        ►  Managing of Aging

          ►  Ambient Assisted Living Systems

          ►  Assistive Technology Systems

        ►  European Cross-border Healthcare

        ►  Health Services Development

        ►  HealthCare Hellas

►  Inspirers, Validators and Invalidators

                        ...with due attribution

►  Sharing of Knowledge

               are what you share

►  Protégés

         ...Students and Young Entrepreneurs

►  Partnering

                        ...rather than "partnerships"

►  Providing Proof of Concept

    ...incubating and spinning off Subsidiaries

►  Forward-looking Statements

    ...which compel us to do what we say

►  Web Strategy and Network

                     ...value-laden interconnectivity

►  Data, Information and Intelligence

                 ...leading to deep understanding

The Company Divisions