...part of Health Tourism Enterprise

healthCare cybernetics (hCc) is now part of Health Tourism Enterprise - tasked with providing consulting services - whilst continuing to cerebrate innovations.

The best-informed Consulting Service on Health Tourism – in toto

...converting Data to Knowledge, Intelligence and Insights

hCc is, indisputably, the best-informed Consulting Service on all aspects of Health Tourism.

hCc systematically monitors the Health Tourism Sector (in its entirety) through its Health Tourism Watch “agenda”.

The data collected is processed into knowledge and stored in the Health Tourism Knowledge Base.

Knowledge is further processed, on an ad hoc basis, into intelligence (by the hCc Health Tourism Intelligence Unit).

This “intelligence” is used in delivering its “client-specific” Advisory Service.

Geopolitical and Geostrategic Developments

…taken into consideration when advising on the subject of Health Tourism

Those who consider Health Tourism seriously will have come to the conclusion that it is as much about “business” (Health Business and Tourism Business) as it is about spatial location, politics, policies and strategies.

When it comes to regarding Health Tourism in its global context – which is the only way to consider the Sector – one needs to consider things in terms of Geopolitics and Geostrategies.

Parallel to its systematic Health Tourism Watch, healthCare cybernetics (hCc) also keeps a close watch on geopolitical developments – which are taken into consideration when advising on the subject of Health Tourism.